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Welcome to Projman Infra Consultant Pvt. Ltd.


Projman Consultants is one of the upcoming Independent firm of construction and management consultancy, with sufficient technical as well as commercial and administrative staff.
We offer our Clients a single point of access to a comprehensive portfolio of integrated services, and we have the resources, the expertise and the experience to tackle the most demanding private or public sector projects anywhere in India.
Our reputation is based on the quality of service we provide and the breadth of our experience. Our success also stems from a commitment to constant innovation and improvement – helping clients in developing better ways of working and helping put them into practice.

Benefits of PMC

  • The execution of projects can be completed within shorter time span due to the planned working under PMC.
  • Tendering work (No need of hiring consultants).
  • Scheduling and Planning.
  • Staff coordination & Cost Estimating.
  • Material Procurement and Inventory control
  • By using our technically sound staff we can help in decreasing the cost of the project by decreasing the procurement cost of material and by arranging the proper subcontractors to execute the project in minimum time period.

Our Team Strengths

  • Hands on experience of Corporate Governance and Business Process Re-engineering.
  • Expertise in Business Management and Human Relations.
  • Committed to ourselves to deliver the best.
  • Dedicated, experienced & qualified team of Engineers & Professionals.
  • Project management by professionals & experts.
  • Expertise in field management logistics & human resources management.

Completed Interior Projects